A Hard Seltzer for Healthy Hedonists.
Alcoholic sparkling water.

No added sugars or sweeteners, naturally.
Low calorie, low sugar and intensely refreshing.
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Our festivals
As seen in this year at:
/ 100ml
Unit of alcohol
No added colours,
sweeteners OR SULPHITES
Gluten free
contains only 4.5 GRAMS OF
naturally occurring
Our mission
To offer a guilt free solution to socialise with alcohol, without compromising on taste or quality.

We believe Bodega Bay can evolve how alcohol is consumed and the culture around it for the betterment of our friends and our planet.

We have discovered the next generation of alcoholic drink, naturally curated to refresh the senses and designed to fit with a modern lifestyle.

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“I usually drink vodka lime and soda as I’m conscious of my calorie intake whilst consuming alcohol. I was prompted to try Bodega Bay by the bartender and I was impressed with the flavour of the product and it was reassuring to find the liquid to be very low in calories with no added sugars or sweeteners. I’m a convert!

- Olivia, customer

“I love Bodega Bay! First of all it’s a great alternative to beer if you’re watching your calorie intake or carbs. It’s super refreshing, and light enough you can have a few”

- Paul, customer

“I tried Bodega Bay for the first time, I really enjoyed the fresh natural taste of the elderflower and mint! I can drink them guilt free as they’re so low incalories and sugar”

- Jess, customer

”Seeing the festival goers reaction to this drink over the Summer of 2019 has made this an instant must stock- both variants taste great, they are quick to serve, come in a recyclable can and stack up commercially due to it being a premium product - which the consumers and our customers love”

- Tom, Founder of Field Vision Bars and a major music festivals operator

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Bodega Bay 'Hard Seltzer': Elderflower with Lemon & Mint

An expertly curated blend of BrewClear™ Alcohol, Sparkling Spring Water and extracts of Elderflower, Lemon and Mint.


Bodega Bay 'Hard Seltzer': Apple with Ginger & Acai

An expertly curated blend of BrewClear™ Alcohol, Sparkling Spring Water and extracts of Apple, Ginger and Acai.


Bodega Bay 'Hard Seltzer': Mixed Case

Try each variant! An expertly curated blend of BrewClear™ Alcohol, Sparkling Spring Water and fruit extracts.

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